Management and staff of Coconut Grove Hotels on Tuesday, June 30, joined students and teachers from Edinaman Senior High School in Elmina in the Central region to clean the town and its environs.

The exercise, which commenced at 6:00 A.M., on the morning of the said day, was part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.
About 150 people took part in the exercise which covered the road leading to the Elmina Castle and the clearing of heaps of refuse within the town.

Speaking to Today in an interview after the exercise, Managing Director of Coconut Beach Resort, Mr. Victor Mintah, underscored the need to ensure a good healthy lifestyle habit.

That, he said, could be achieved through consistent education on good sanitation practices.

He stressed the need to have the exercise done regularly so as to help fight some opportunistic diseases like cholera, Malaria which normally come as a result of poor sanitation.

Mr. Mintah also seized the opportunity to advise residents in Elmina to refrain from disposing of refuse indiscriminately as it could bring negative effects on their health.

In the course of the exercise, Today observed that not a single chief from either Bantuma or Mbofra Akyinnim, all suburbs of Elmina, turned up for the exercise.

Against this backdrop, Mr. Mintah appealed to the chiefs in the area to support such communal exercise with their presence.

According to him, community leaders should get more involved in exercises of such nature.
Source: Today Newspaper Ghana


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